Sunday, October 08, 2006

Past Week and Random Thoughts

Tonight is Sunday - and I am chillin' like a villin'. It has been a productive day. Church starting at 7am, watching NFL, Bowden and I ran, clean the car, surfed on MySpace talking with students, getting ready for Lock Out....And now finally posting!

The past several weeks have been super busy for both Betsy and I. We have just finished a back to back weekends of weddings in Gvegas (Greenville). And almost every night Betsy or I have been out doing things. This past week the TrueNorth staff headed to ATL to a leadership and creative conference called Catalyst. It was stinkin' amazin'. I will fill everyone in on that trip in later post. And I have just come out of a SICKNESS and now Betsy is in the middle of the SICKNESS. Fun Times. That is the 411 on us - now Random Thoughts.

  • Weddings during College Football season should be outlawed. Seriously even if you aren't a football fan - respect those of us who are.
  • Yankees Lose...Yankees Lose....Yankees Lose!!!!
  • Six Years ago I bought a Detroit Tiger hat because one of my heroes wore a Tigers hat - Magnum P.I - yes he lived in Hawaii and drove a Ferrari. And now I will wear it with pride now that they have slaughtered the New York Yankees.
  • "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters can push you to finish any race strong. Today on our run - Bowden and I were 200 yards from finishing our 3.6 run - and dying! (two weeks off from sickness). Foo Fighters comes on the IPOD and I imaged the GreenWay lined with peeps singing My Hero - finished SPRINTING!!! And magnum PI was waiting at the end!
  • A new Era in Clemson Football has arrived! We beat Wake Forest. 24 Points in the 4th quarter are you kidding me.
  • Studio 60 (NBC) one of the best new shows on TV.
  • I am getting my wisdom teeth out Friday - Why do they call them wisdom teeth? Laura O, does Alan know the answer to this riddle?
  • Jeff Foxworthy (who was at the Catalyst conference) will make you pee in your pants.
  • Terrell Owens is the worst player on my fantasy Team! "Can you step into my office- you're fired."

Stayed for more post! Soon...Like in 5 minutes.

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Ian Wilson said...

that's good stuff walt. you should think randomly more often.