Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why do we yawn? And why are they contagious?

Bill Nye the Science Guy (one of my old favorites on Saturday Morning) attempts to answer the question of we yawn? Bill is with me on not buying this whole "because you need more oxygen" idea. That doesn't explain why I yawn when Bill Bob yawns - just because he needs oxygen doesn't mean I need more! So why?

Click here if you even care about this read Bill Nye the Science Guy's article.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Models for ESM

The Element Ladies Pimping those SWEET "Limited Edition" Element Tees at school!

Element SM

This past Wednesday was our "Element Kickoff." We had a great night, over 100 students were there. Everyone had a blast. Check some pics from that night:

Fun with Panty Hose!

Who is this guy?

Middle Schoolers Running through their sign!

The Element Student Band

Cool Pic of Kameron on the Drums!

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

These are not connecting thoughts, just things floating in my head:
  • Great weekend of catching up with family and friends. Betsy and I headed to Gvegas for a few hours (36) Friday and Saturday. We got to see both our RENTS and hang with some friends. Good Times.
  • Awesome Sunday at TrueNorth. It is super sweet when you have to bring in MORE chairs for people in church. It isn't like TNC is in a small room or anything. Our auditorium seats 450! The second service was the largest I have seen in there (except Christmas Eve).
  • Steve hit a home run with this week's message of "Living Out." My favorite part was his -rant- on getting Messy for Jesus. How true. We are not a cookie cutter ministry where everything comes out PERFECT and looking the exact same. People of issues. Heck we have issues! So sometimes we (Christ Followers) have to get down and dirty with lives and sin. Scary - Yes! Reward - Heck Yes!....Great book "Messy Spiritually" by Mike Yacanelli (sp?)
  • Clemson Football in one week - YEE HAW!
  • Post that are upcoming - picture and story of how Betsy and I have adopted Patience in Kenya - through Compassion. She is not coming home with us to NA! Just financial help.
  • Post coming up - On perspective. Lately a lot of people have been talking "your perspective". A new look on the word perspective.

Friday, August 18, 2006

Baby Got Book (

As someone who can quote all of Baby Got Back, this is something a little more holy! Thanks to Laura Owens for sending this one out. This will make you laugh out loud!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Many of asked why we have checked out of the bloggin' world. We have been running around and just not keeping things up to date. Our Summer is over for Element SM, but the school year has begun.

Betsy is stoked (a word that Betsy has NEVER used) about her new job. This year she is a law clerk for two Judges in Augusta (Judge Dickert & no idea). I will let her give you the 411. She has already helped in decisions in the court room - Cool.

TrueNorth is turning two! This past week we cracked 1,000 for the first time since the summer began. Which means vacations are over and people are getting back into the grove. It was awesome to look out during the second service and not see one seat avaiable! We were SLAMMED. I have an idea - we should move to the gym. Oh wait we are in three weeks! This is going take TNC to a whole new level - and that is very exciting. Personally I believe that TNC is one of the fastest growing churches in the South. HOW SWEET!

God is truly moving and blessing at TNC. Life change is happening, families are being saved, people are "cross eyed", individuals are dying to their selves and living for Christ, and Christ is receiving all the glory! Does it get any better than that....yes. It's called heaven - but until then TNC will do!

Monday, August 14, 2006

TrueNorth on the News!

Click on this here to see local CBS station's story on TrueNorth Church.

Great Story for TNC - God keeps on pouring out His blessings.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Charleston Pics

Cool Fountain (our "inn" was in front of the park)

Self Portrait in the park (yes it was 100 degrees outside)

Bets and Walt at the SC aquarium (those are some good looking kids!)

New Charleston Bridge (Sweet!)


Betsy here--I wanted to make a quick correction. I said that I feel pretty good about the Bar Exam, not very good. I have a peace about it and am not anxious. I am just very happy to be done studying and ready to start my new job!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Back in Action

The Tanner blog has been MIA due to the busyness of life.

1) Betsy made it through the BAR EXAM and feels very good about it.
2) We are now North Augusta Residents - the move from Thomson was flawless!
Betsy wants to give our NEW address:
455 W Martintown Rd
North Augusta, SC 29841
3) Walt has returned the pulpit to Steve after the Davis vacation.
4) Our one year anniversary trip to Charleston was awesome (pics of Charleston to follow).

And now we start a NEW CHAPTER with the Tanner Family. New City, New Job, New House, but same story. Stay tuned for the Adventures!