Thursday, February 22, 2007

This is our Middle School Crew we took skiing last weekend. It snowed all day! The slopes were packed, but BEAUTIFUL skiing!

Monday, February 19, 2007

And Walt was right...

A month ago I posted about USC's highly recruited class. I mentioned that USC always seems to get great athelets, but they just "don't act right." I also said they will do alright if they can keep them out of jail. Well looks like Spurrier didn't listen and let his highly recruit quarterback get arrested Saturday Night down at Five Points. The ol' ball coach knows how to pick em'!

Word on the street was that 19 year old Steven Garcia got wasted, then got into a fight behind a bar, and then bowed up at police officer. Steven was one of the most sought out QBs in the nation. Apparently not the sharpest tool in the tool shed! Maybe we will get a showdown this year between the freshmen Garia(USC)and Korn (CU).

PS: If he ends up killing us over the next four years. I am sure I will hear about it from the USC dogs! I will just claim he needs to be in JAIL!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chicks Gone WILD!!

This is Betsy again. I am in a blogging mode tonight (probably proscrastinating from studying). This weekend was our chicks' retreat, "Chicks Gone Wild." I would love to write all about it, but I have been told that "what happens at a chicks retreat stays at the chicks retreat." I will say that our speaker, Lisa Harper, was excellent. I was reminded that God takes great pleasure in seeing his children do what they are passionate about. It does not matter how much recognition or success we get on this earth, God smiles when his chicks (and the guys too) live for him. Jill and Andy Phillips led worship through music, which was beautiful. We laughed, cried, created, and thoroughly enjoyed real community! There are some really wild chicks at TrueNorth Church, and I love it!!!

Super Size Me

Walt and I just watched "Super Size Me" (this is Betsy by the way). That is the documentary where a guy named Morgan went on a McDonald's diet for 30 days. All he ate for 30 days straight was Micky D's. He ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner at McDonald's and if they ever asked him if he wanted to supersize it, he had to say yes. He gained 25 pounds, his cholesterol went from approx 165 to 240, and his liver turned to fat. His doctors were telling him he was extremely sick, but he finishd his "experiment."

What was the point? Fastfood damages your body. A couple of teenage girls sued McDonald's because they were obese and the judge threw out the lawsuit because they could not prove that eating fast food was the cause of their injuries. Well, fast food does cause extreme injury (in case you didn't know that).

A great documentary--everyone should watch it. I am not eating McDonald's again for a LONG time and I think I will stay clear of all fast food for a while (except for Chick-fil-A, which I love). I guess I will think more about what I put in my body.

Friday, February 09, 2007

Random Thoughts

* I got out of Jury Duty because they settled all the cases. And I was getting pumped about putting someone in Jail.
* We went skiing a couple weeks ago with the High School kids. I chose to ski for the first time in a couple years, instead of snowboarding. Watching some of these other people snowboards made me realize I am NOT that bad of a snowboarder.
* Getting a Loan has more hoops than a hoola hoop factory!
* The Jack Bauer power hour is putting me to sleep. For heaven sakes Jack save the cheerleader, save the world - WAIT wrong show.
* If you aren't watching Studio 60 (NBC Monday - 10pm) you are missing the most creative, best writing on TV. "I have the animal kingdom axis of evil under my stage - a viper, a ferret, and a coyote."
* Oh dear heavens, I messed up my neck this week working out. Don't over estimate the importance of your spine. It's valuable.
* Finally made it to August in my reading through the bible.
* We just finished our flag football season. My team went 1-3-1 for the year. It was a blast. I am sure the Ben Gay stock shot up around the Augusta area.

College Football Signing Day

Signing Day has come and gone. The Tigers didn't do as well as we did last year. But I think we got a good class of guys. We had the 22nd best signing day. Everyone above of us is a good football school and there aren't that many surprises, except two. One is UNC and their new coach Butch Davis bringing in the 15th ranked class. Not too bad for a Bball school. The second was Illinois (21st). Ron Zook is not a great coach, but he is a great recruiter! We are soon to forget that it is his recruits who just won the national title - that will make Steve smile!

NOW it is hard to swallow that USC had the 7th best in the country. Spurrier is too a great recruiter, but so was Lou Holtz. USC can bring them in, but often they "don't act right." Many of their great players get in trouble, have acamedic issues, or steal pictures of them selves and get caught. I will give credit to Tommy and the Clemson staff. They at least get guys who can act right. They aren't the smartest sometimes, but we do have one of the highest graduation rates in the country.

I am also pumped about new running back/special teams coach Andre' Powell. He comes from UNC and has coach the likes of Tiki Barber and Willie Parker. This will be great for the Duo in the Clemson backfield - Davis and Spiller.

Go Tigers!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Finally Payton has gotten the monkey off his back. The strange thing is that I believe (could be wrong) didn't Steve Young remove his monkey from his back down in Miami? I have rooted for the Colts since my Clemson days of watching NFL with da boys. Many years I have heard the Colts will choke. They can't finish and come up short on the big games. NOT THIS YEAR BABY.

Another thing. I don't know of a classier team. Dungy. Payton. Harrison. These guys are the model atheletes. I would take these guys on my team anyday.

Sorry to Da Bears fans and nation. This includes my brother, Justin, who lives in Chicago and is a huge fan. Sexy Rexy (PTI reference) couldn't pull it off.

NOW OFF to Jury Duty in the morning.

Friday, February 02, 2007


Take a look at the house Betsy and I have signed a contract on. Closing on Feb. 22: