Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl XLI

Finally Payton has gotten the monkey off his back. The strange thing is that I believe (could be wrong) didn't Steve Young remove his monkey from his back down in Miami? I have rooted for the Colts since my Clemson days of watching NFL with da boys. Many years I have heard the Colts will choke. They can't finish and come up short on the big games. NOT THIS YEAR BABY.

Another thing. I don't know of a classier team. Dungy. Payton. Harrison. These guys are the model atheletes. I would take these guys on my team anyday.

Sorry to Da Bears fans and nation. This includes my brother, Justin, who lives in Chicago and is a huge fan. Sexy Rexy (PTI reference) couldn't pull it off.

NOW OFF to Jury Duty in the morning.

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