Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shout Out!

Shout Out to Kelley Hubbard down in the HH (Hilton Head)
Kelley sent me an email saying she watch the videos at TrueNorth.com and let me know that the Tan Man still is wild and crazy. This is a relief....I thought I might had toned down a bit after the whole marriage thing. Thanks for the reminder K Dawg.

Also...I have changed the setting were ANYONE can leave a comment! So please leave a note for Betsy or Walter - we would love to hear from all our fam and friends floating out there is cyber space!

Inspirational Story

If you haven't seen this story, you have been living under a rock. Senior, Jason McElwain who is autistic and the team manager/trainer scores twenty points on senior night.
His family has been approached by 10 or more movie companies wanting to film his story.
This even got ME a little choked up! Click here to watch this amazing story!

Monday, February 13, 2006

Married Pro

At truenorth we are in a series called: The Real World. The Real World is all about relationships (friendships, dating, marriage, family, etc) . This past week Steve headed out of town with his wife and left the church in my hands (yes very scary!). Click here (www.truenorthchurch.com) to watch the video from this week's sermon "Real Vibes." It is about being single and finding that one true mate.

As the title suggest - I am old married pro now. Betsy and I just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. It is all down hill from here...that is what I have heard!

Also while on the TNC website check out the announcement video from this past week. I got to meet Toby Mac and he gives me a hand with the annoucements!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

2006 Olympics


Betsy and I are spending this Saturday Night watching the 2006 Olympics. Can't say that I am huge Olympics fan, but Betsy is. So here we are watching away!

So life has been somewhat back to normal around TrueNorth. Tomorrow I am preaching on relationships - that is exciting. We are planning on three services in a couple weeks. We have been cracking 1000 the past three weeks. That is crazy because TNC just had its 18 month birthday - churches aren't SUPPOSED to grow that stickin' fast. What can you say - God is good!

Thursday Night I (Walt) got to meet and film with Toby Mac. You can check out the announcement on the TrueNorth church homepage. Toby a cool cat! He didn't say anything about a new DC Talk album coming.