Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Shout Out!

Shout Out to Kelley Hubbard down in the HH (Hilton Head)
Kelley sent me an email saying she watch the videos at TrueNorth.com and let me know that the Tan Man still is wild and crazy. This is a relief....I thought I might had toned down a bit after the whole marriage thing. Thanks for the reminder K Dawg.

Also...I have changed the setting were ANYONE can leave a comment! So please leave a note for Betsy or Walter - we would love to hear from all our fam and friends floating out there is cyber space!


Laura said...

Walt and Betsy, you are so CHIM! Is this where I sign my name? or in the yellow box? Anyway, it's me..Laura. Too bad you can't blog with your Scottish accent! That would be so CHIM!

Ian Wilson said...

yo dawg,
what up wit not returnin my calls? hook a brotha up with some info. peace.

Kayla said...

Walt and Betsy are AMAZING...I miss you guys so much but I will be coming down there soon...hope the family is well...I know I miss me some Bowden :) Those were the days on ole Cox Street.

Kelley said...

I think this is the first "shout out" I ever received on the internet. I'm pretty excited about it!