Monday, March 06, 2006

TNC on the Map

Our worship leader, Kevin Bradford, at TrueNorth has a great post about this past Sunday. Click here to visit his site and read his account. I will just say that Steve told about how he got a call from Rick Warren and our attendence was a record with over 1150 peeps in the house.

So I pondered this question, Why? I agree with Steve in that God has given us the 5,000 talents and blessed us amazingly. But I also believe that going back to the basics has helped our growth at TrueNorth. TrueNorth was formed based on the church of Acts, the way God intended his bride to be--full of passion, love and action and not about traditions, politics or committees. So many churchs (all over the US) are scratching their head wondering why people stop coming and why they don't enjoy church.

My theory is that if more churches started replacing the religion that plagues our churches with Christ revival would ERUPT. This is not new. Christ told the religious leaders of his day the same thing. Hopefully more churches will realize this and not center theirself on religion! It has taken over 2000 years for a handful of churches to understand this. Let the revival begin.

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gin said...

you, as usual, have a point. oh yeah...and you might want to have Betsy start proofreading your posts...theirselves isn't exactly a word. But don't worry Walt, you're...chim...anyway. (that is the right word, right?)