Monday, March 27, 2006

March 15th - Facedown at the Imperial

What is face down? Facedown is what we at TrueNorth call our "Communion Service." We specifically plan a service every three months for our believers in the TNC family. Sunday Morning is mainly an out reach tool, and this a time we take to focus on our Salvation and the Cross. Facedown is mainly filled with music and reflection.

At the IMPERIAL: This was the fourth Facedown Service (our third). The last Facedown maxed out our facility at the High School. So we had to go "across the river" to Augusta for this special event. The Imperial is an old theater that is has much character. It reminds me of the Roxy in Atlanta (down the road from the Fox Theater).

This facedown we attempted to do a little NOOMA like teaching series through out the service. To view click here. (well not up yet - will let you know when they are on the website). We also added sign language and dance. It was a great great night. One of the highlights was Kevin and the band doing "In the Air Tonight." Although this idea is not original - taken from Mercy Me - it was awesome! We had the lights, haze machine and everything. Can't convince Kevin to upload to web because of Copyright Issues.

To see a few pics head to Kevin Bradford's Blog. Look forward to the next Facedown

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