Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Post Beach Report

Betsy and I decided to come back!
It was tempting to just stay down at Fripp Island. We looked at purchasing one of those small houses down there and just live, but then we woke up and realized our $1.5 million didn't exist!

It was a good vacation. Very relaxing and energizing. Both of us got very toasty. Betsy learned that just because she has become a Tanner doesn't mean her skin will become "tanner". HA! I kill me - yes these are the jokes Betsy lives with.

Lots of time on the beach, lots of time "attempting to fish", and of course lots of seafood! It is good to be back. Stay tuned for Pics.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Graduation and Beach

Well, I finally graduated from Law School this morning (Saturday, May 20). The ceremony was a bit long and the gowns were hot, but the point is that I am completely finished with school. It is hard to believe that I know have a law degree. I pray I will use it wisely. To celebrate, we (Walt, me, my mom and dad, and my nephews--Blaine and Cade) are headed to Fripp Island for a week at the beach!!! Woo Hoo!!! See ya in a week when we will come back nice and tan (or red).

Da Vinci Code Review"

Betsy and I went to see Da Vinci at the 3.15pm showing on Friday afternoon to beat the crowd. We both had listened to the book on CD (since we drive long distances) about 6 months ago, so we knew the story. After reading the book and hearing that they were coming out with a movie I was 100% saying this would be a great movie.


It was a good movie, maybe even a shade on the better than average. But it definitely goes under the category of the book was better than the movie - MOST BOOKS ARE! The movie was choppy and did not tell the story in a comprehendable way. We followed because we knew the story and maybe my judgement was tainted because I knew the story, but I felt like it fell short of my expectations (which were set very high).

Monday, May 15, 2006

Stick a Fork In Me...

Cause I am done!!!! I officially finished my last law school exam and thus my last law school activity!! I graduate this Saturday (May 20) and then I am headed off to the beach with the fam! How exciting!! I have 2 full weeks with no school work to worry about at all. Then, I will hit the books to start studying for the Georgia Bar Exam. But, I am not thinking about that for the next 2 weeks :) Fun! Fun!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Good Quote

Erwin McManus - pastor of Mosaic in LA:
"Run as fast as your character goes deep, not as fast as your talent goes wide."
Can I get an AMEN!

Hate the Game not the Player

Yesterday I(Walt) went to my first Mayor's Prayer Luncheon in North Augusta. The Right Reverend Steve Davis was a guest prayer, so TrueNorth Church had a table. Well the guest speaker is the head coach of the team I and most Clemson fans will rank at the top of the list of most hated teams - Georgia Bulldogs!

Yes, Mark Richt was the speaker at a CHRISTIAN EVENT. I was SHOCKED! To my surprise I was very impressed with him a speaker and up standing Christian man. Hey even Sodom and Gomorrah had a missionary!

So I may hate the Team, but I admire the coach. He is no Bowden - but he did mention Papa Bowden lead him to Christ while coaching at FSU. What a family!


Monday, May 08, 2006

Hank Hill finds Mega Church

Mark Driscoll had this on his blog and couldn't resist.

Even if you don't watch King of the Hill - funny clip on Mega Churches. Hank recently went church shopping in an episode of King of the Hill. Of course, he landed in a megachurch with high-definition TV and good coffee. You need to see this one for yourself.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Coming Out of Winter Hibernation

Betsy and I have started coming out of our Winter hibernation. Before Betsy and I were married we both worked out and ran throughout the week. But since our physcial health has not been up to par. Betsy leaves early and gets home late. Living in Thomson, GA doesn't give us a great place to get exercise in.

This past week we have put 13 miles under our belt in exercise. Two three mile runs and a 7.2 mile hike at Hickory Knob Park has been very refreshing. Bowden also enjoyed the hike - she got to play in the Lake and LOVED it. Nice flat hike, but Betsy and I really really miss the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yes they are only three hours away, but they used to be in our backyard.

Goal: Half Marthathon in the fall - Betsy hasn't caught this dream and actually HATES the idea. Hey we need something to get us off our Butts. Stay tuned to see if we actually do it.