Saturday, May 20, 2006

Da Vinci Code Review"

Betsy and I went to see Da Vinci at the 3.15pm showing on Friday afternoon to beat the crowd. We both had listened to the book on CD (since we drive long distances) about 6 months ago, so we knew the story. After reading the book and hearing that they were coming out with a movie I was 100% saying this would be a great movie.


It was a good movie, maybe even a shade on the better than average. But it definitely goes under the category of the book was better than the movie - MOST BOOKS ARE! The movie was choppy and did not tell the story in a comprehendable way. We followed because we knew the story and maybe my judgement was tainted because I knew the story, but I felt like it fell short of my expectations (which were set very high).

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Ian Wilson said...

i agree. definitely not what i expected. sally avoided reading the book and found the movie a bit confusing. as someone who did read the book, i felt that the movie was anti-climactic. ol' tom hanks, one of my favorite actors, was not very interesting and neither was the rest of the cast (except for maybe silas, who is by far the most interesting character in the book and movie). oh well, in a way i'm glad that it sort of stunk, now we don't have to worry about all the hoopla for much longer.