Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Hate the Game not the Player

Yesterday I(Walt) went to my first Mayor's Prayer Luncheon in North Augusta. The Right Reverend Steve Davis was a guest prayer, so TrueNorth Church had a table. Well the guest speaker is the head coach of the team I and most Clemson fans will rank at the top of the list of most hated teams - Georgia Bulldogs!

Yes, Mark Richt was the speaker at a CHRISTIAN EVENT. I was SHOCKED! To my surprise I was very impressed with him a speaker and up standing Christian man. Hey even Sodom and Gomorrah had a missionary!

So I may hate the Team, but I admire the coach. He is no Bowden - but he did mention Papa Bowden lead him to Christ while coaching at FSU. What a family!


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Anonymous said...

hahaha.. now say something else bout my team.. showed you! lol

ps. we had a good time the other night watching the youth ministery. Met your wife too
(hi Betsy). Very sweet! You Guys take care..