Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Coming Out of Winter Hibernation

Betsy and I have started coming out of our Winter hibernation. Before Betsy and I were married we both worked out and ran throughout the week. But since our physcial health has not been up to par. Betsy leaves early and gets home late. Living in Thomson, GA doesn't give us a great place to get exercise in.

This past week we have put 13 miles under our belt in exercise. Two three mile runs and a 7.2 mile hike at Hickory Knob Park has been very refreshing. Bowden also enjoyed the hike - she got to play in the Lake and LOVED it. Nice flat hike, but Betsy and I really really miss the Blue Ridge Mountains. Yes they are only three hours away, but they used to be in our backyard.

Goal: Half Marthathon in the fall - Betsy hasn't caught this dream and actually HATES the idea. Hey we need something to get us off our Butts. Stay tuned to see if we actually do it.


Ian Wilson said...

run forrest, run!!!

Anonymous said...

oh it will be fun! 1/2 marathons rock da house.