Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Phad (that's pad with a ph)

Sorry ladies these STUDS are taken! Martha Ann, Betsy and Sally are three of the luckiest ladies in THE WORLD to have such manly men! These are two of my college roomies - Casey Callahan and Ian Wilson. Both are in seminary - I was the only one graduated from Clemson and escaped from the classroom! "Strength and Honor!"

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

David Crowder Band

MSN music has David Crowder listed as a nominee for artist of the month! They are running against: Nelly Furtado, Frankie J, Busta Rhymes, and Neil Young. You can vote by clicking on the link below.

I believe this says how far Christian Music has come! That the leading Christian Band who writes a huge amounts of songs sung in today church, be considered "talented musicains" in the world's culture. Nelly Furtado, who has a new single out, is getting beat by some crazy looking Christian group from Wacco. Jesus ROCKS!

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Element Student Ministry

This good looking group is our high schoolers after playing kickball and dodgeball last Wednesday.
This week is Ulitmate Fribee! In the words of Toby, "My skillz aren't as good as they once was, but I'm good once - as I ever was."


Inspired by Nelly's song "Grillz", Betsy got herself a nice grill for her top row! Bets has more Grillz than George Forman.

(Old picture found from Ski Retreat this past year!)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Is Jack Bauer a Type of Christ?

Post from Mark Driscoll (Pastor of Mars Hill in Seattle)
"With the fifth and arguably best season of the hit television show 24 now concluded, Jack Bauer can take a much needed shower, get something to eat, and power up his cell phone battery which magically lasts forever. At the risk of sounding blasphemous, I would like to offer the suggestion that perhaps 24 is incredibly popular because Jack Bauer is a lot like Jesus, as the following correlations indicate:
  • Jack and Jesus are both dudes who worked in construction.
  • Jack and Jesus have disciples and Jack’s disciples have names like Chloe, Michelle, Bill, and Tony.
  • Jack and Jesus do not lie and can be trusted to accomplish whatever they promise.
  • Jack and Jesus both oppose evil and seek to bring forth a glorious shalom world, free of tyranny and evildoers.
  • Jack and Jesus were both betrayed by a close friend who ended up dying as a result of his sin.
  • Jack and Jesus are both saviors willing to lay down their life for those they love.
  • Jack and Jesus were both resurrected from death; Jack was essentially put to death to fool the Chinese government and then resuscitated. "

This year Betsy joined me on the bandwagon of "24". I was hooked after watching Season 4 last year, and now Betsy and I are offically Jack supporters. With Season 5 over, we have been going through withdrawal of our "Jack Bauer Power Hour." So we did what anyone would do...joined Netflixs and now have finished half of Season 1. AWESOME STUFF.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thoughts on D Day: June 6, 1944

Today, 6.06.06 , is not the end of the world as some would have you to believe. It is the anniversary of one of the most important days in WW II - D day. In honor of that, I and a select few spread out across SC watch "Saving Private Ryan" every year. The WW II vets who saw "Ryan" said that it couldn't have been more accurate unless you had a camera on Omaha Beach.

We often forget that freedom comes with a price. Freedom as a nation and freedom from sin.

Paul reminds us, "For you were bought at a price..." 1 Cor 6:20a
The price Paul talks of was death on a cross, and the freedom from sin was our reward. May we always honor Sacrifice for freedom is never free.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

New NBA and Barry Bonds 715*

This years playoffs are the most NBA basketball I have watched since the Jordan Era. I will have to say that I do believe the NBA is on the move back up after spending the late 90s and early 00s at its ultimate lows. The "Thug" years are offically over and the Nash-a-nator winning two MVP shows the times they are a changing. With Allen Iverson and "Star"berry on their final years, the new blood of the NBA has a ton of potential.

It is King James league and the rest are just playing in it! LeBron is sticking amazing and actual has a good head on his shoulders for a 20 year old with millions in the bank. D-Wade is another awesome young gun who is shining in the playoffs - 69% from the field are you kidding me. And young Dwight Howard in Orland (#1 2004) is an awesome Christian.

Here is to the new blood of the NBA - keep it up young ones, keep it up!

Barry Bonds
My boy Ian Wilson is a much better writer than I so I will just send you to his link on his thoughts on Barry Bonds and his 715th homerun. I support what Ian says: "Barry Bonds is a cheater!" Click here to read Ian's Blog.

Men's Weekend

In the beginning of May I took part in a reunion of Clemson/Blue Ridge. It was a mixture of guys who either went to Blue Ridge, went to Clemson and Blue Ridge, or just Clemson. I fell into the "just Clemson" category. A majority of us all knew one another from previous events or just hanging out together. All in all we had 12 guys in our weekend.

We stayed in an awesome cabin outside of Boone, NC. Shout Out to Casey "Kat Phat" Callahan for finding with sweet cabin and setting the weekend up. It was full of old stories, lots of red meat, hikes in the woods, old stories, poker, ESPN, lots of laughter, and few more stories.

The scary thing is that we are grown ups! There were ministers, seminary students, engineers, salesmen, doctors, and all sorts of real job having people there. But when placed in a room together it is official we all become little boys. All the sounds, smells, jokes, and behavior of elementary boys made up the majority of the weekend. Except when the OLD MEN wouldn't play ultimate Frisbee!

until next year in the wise words of Waynes World- "Party on Wayne, Party on Garth."