Thursday, June 01, 2006

Men's Weekend

In the beginning of May I took part in a reunion of Clemson/Blue Ridge. It was a mixture of guys who either went to Blue Ridge, went to Clemson and Blue Ridge, or just Clemson. I fell into the "just Clemson" category. A majority of us all knew one another from previous events or just hanging out together. All in all we had 12 guys in our weekend.

We stayed in an awesome cabin outside of Boone, NC. Shout Out to Casey "Kat Phat" Callahan for finding with sweet cabin and setting the weekend up. It was full of old stories, lots of red meat, hikes in the woods, old stories, poker, ESPN, lots of laughter, and few more stories.

The scary thing is that we are grown ups! There were ministers, seminary students, engineers, salesmen, doctors, and all sorts of real job having people there. But when placed in a room together it is official we all become little boys. All the sounds, smells, jokes, and behavior of elementary boys made up the majority of the weekend. Except when the OLD MEN wouldn't play ultimate Frisbee!

until next year in the wise words of Waynes World- "Party on Wayne, Party on Garth."

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