Thursday, April 27, 2006

My Space takes over the world

TrueNorth is doing a series called: His Space - a place for hope. We decided to use the whole my space movement and teach from it.
Steve did a great job on Easter informing people that Christ took "my space" on the cross and made it "his space." The rest of the series is about our bodies and giving up my space and making our lives his space. Check it out on the TrueNorth Church website.

PS: Steve created a myspace page - click here - for HisSpace
And Element Student ministry also added a myspace page - click here


Betsy has now replaced the Ghetto Corrola that was totalled a couple weeks ago. Her new car is a 2002 Mazada 626. YES it is an upgrade from the Corrolla whose blinker had to be manually blinked. Allstate was VERY Generous in their amount they gave for the Corrolla. And we put some extra into the car for the upgrade, since Betsy will be making $100,000 in a few months....wait....sorry I forgot that unlike most lawyers my wife has a heart and will be making chump change helping people! A lawyer and architect should be doing alright - unless the architect becomes a student minister and the lawyer works for the state. And I can honestly say life couldn't BE BETTER.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

North Augusta Centennial Parade

This past weekend TrueNorth had a float in the North Augusta Centennial Parade. Unfortunately the rain didn't allow Stainless (our student ministry band) to rock out on the float. Fun times in the rain!

Picture: Bowden and I worked our Miss America wave as we walked down main street.

Photo courtesy of Amanda Newsome

Last day of school!

I am sitting in my last class in law school and likely my last class in school forever!!! It is hard to believe that formal education is almost over and I will begin my career. It is almost surreal. It makes me realize that I will not see many of these people that I have sat in class with for 3 years. Did I spend my time wisely? Did I build lasting relationships? Did I share Jesus Christ with those around me? Did my time here glorify my Savior? I know I made many mistakes, but I pray that the last 3 years in Athens will have made a difference for God's Kingdom. How will I use my law degree to bring the most glory to God? It is exciting to embark on a new phase in life's journey. Scary to some degree, but exciting. I know that God has me being an attorney for many reasons, and I look forward to finding at least some of those reasons out. Hopefully, I will get to keep up with some relationships that I have built in law school. My friends are spreading out, but I pray we keep in touch. I am a bit sentimental, but also extremely happy to be done with school!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Fellowship of the Ring Continues

"One ring to rule over them all!"
I knew that Frodo didn't throw the real ring into Mount Doom.
George W will make a great Hobbit!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not such a good day

This is actually Betsy writing a post. Well, today did not start out so well. I drive about 1 hour and fifteen minutes to school 4 days a week (5 days a week last semester). The drive, by the grace of God, has been incident free the entire time until this morning. About 100 yards away from my house I did something stupid. Without rolling my windows down to get the morning dew off I decided the coast was clear and hit the gas. Unfortunately, the coast was not actually clear. I ran smack dab into the trailer a man was hauling behind his truck. I think that I saw the truck and its lights go by, but I do not think the trailer had any lights on it. I was going all of 5 m.p.h., but the truck was likely going about 60 m.p.h. Although no one was injured and I do not think his truck suffered any damage (only his trailer), my little Corolla did not fair so well. I called it my ghetto car, but at least it worked. It had to be towed and we have not found out if it is totaled or can be fixed. I was SOOOOO MAD at myself. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who did not get mad at me. He came right up the road (didn't take him long since I was so close to home) and just gave me his support. I thank God for a man like Walt!!! Maybe next time I post it will be a happier story. God will teach us something out of this, I am sure of that!

On a brighter note--only 7 days of law school classes left!!!! Then papers, exams, studying for the bar, and taking the Bar Exam and I will be done.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Roll Call

Super Duper Shout Out Tiffany
Tif left a comment on our last post and said she had linked from AJ's blog! First didn't know AJ had a blog and second that must mean AJ has been to the Tanner Blog. Every time we think that like 2 people look at this thing we learn that more of our homies are checking us out.

So we would LOVE to do a ROLL CALL. If you are checkin' the Tanner Blog out - leave your name. Our real estimate is that no more that 10 people check this thing out. Let's see if we can get ten names listed.

AJ leave a something behind so I can holla at ya! Would love to hear how you are doing.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

First Masters

Today was the first round of the 2006 Masters in Augusta, and my first steps on the sacred Augusta National. Everyone has told me that you must experience the Masters at least once. They were right. The golf course was CRAZY beautiful. The grass, tree, plants, water and the azaleas were perfect. It was a whole nother world. The sight and sounds of the Master were quite memorable.

It was also cool to see Tiger, Phil, VJ and the rest of the pros in action. They hit the ball so perfect and straight. I looked at my mom (who I took with me) and said these guys should really look at getting paid for this!

Attended the Masters - I can now mark that off the list of things to do in life.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Was listening to Andy Stanely this week and heard a very profound statement. Andy was talking about how people say Christianity is so narrow minded when it comes to Christ being the only way to heaven. A lot of folks say that it is UNFAIR.

Andy goes on to say that it sounds pretty fair to him. Anyone and Everyone is welcomed. Male/ Female. Black/White. Young/Old. The price has already been paid. All we have to do is accept the gift. Everyone has the chance to accept the FREE gift of salvation. Andy ends by saying: "If that isn't fair, I don't know what is!"

Graduation In Sight

Betsy is 51 days from graduation from UGA Law School. After graduation Mrs Tanner will be taking a week off and then starting a six week Bar review course to prepare her for the Georgia Bar (I asked Betsy why it is called the Bar - her answer - NO CLUE.)

Betsy does have already have a job. She will be working with Judge Dickert and Judge Annis in the beginning of August. This is a one year clerkship and Betsy is SUPER excited about the position.