Thursday, November 30, 2006

Monday, November 27, 2006

too many thoughts - random thoughts

I was informed by Betsy that we haven't blogged lately. It is not that there is nothing to blog about, I think of things ALL THE TIME. It is there is no time! So I have tons of thoughts - so here are a list of my random thoughts:

* yes clemson lost. no i am not a happy camper. it was a great game, and usc deserved to win. seriously - the only way we could stop them on third down was to intercept the stinkin' ball! and like i keep telling these usc fans - once every five years ain't that bad. that line will work this year.

* christmas decorations before thanksgiving should be outlawed. i put up with decorations before my birthday (12/7) except in my house - which betsy does not like...but decorations during the month of nov is ridiculous.

* betsy and i are in the process of heading to Turkey and Israel in May. we are SUPER PUMPED about it. first to travel with Ray Vanderlin (jewish scholar). second to walk the streets Paul preached from and the alleys were Jesus played as a boy. This blows my mind!

* 24 starts in a little over a month! The Jack Baur power hour is back!

* the local movie theater ticket has just gone to $9 a pop. are you kidding me! almost $20 for bets and i to see a movie. that may of been my last movie in the theater. i refuse to pay that much. in eighth grade when the price was $6 i swore i would not go any longer when movies are $10. and now i am that old when i say "i remember when..."

* continuing the movie rant. why must we pay $9 for a ticket, when they are now playing COMMERCIALS during the previews. they are getting more for my ticket and they are getting paid for putting the commercials up. here's an idea. lets not pay actors a ridiculous amount ($10 million) per movie. and i'm done.

* whoever plays Ohio State for the national championship will LOSE.

* i would put TrueNorth up against any portable church in the country! not to brag, but the transformation (steve's new word) that happens in that gym is awesome. God has truly blessed TNC with the people, talents, money, and passion. Yea God.

* simple is the way to go. all about simple right now. as a staff we are reading "simple church." great book on how complex the church has become. of course this is a reflection of our culture and society. simplicity is a fresh breeze in our chaotic lives.

* the blogging world has a lost a great blogger. chuck young has offically retired a blogger. he was strong out of the gate, but just lost passion. RIP - ears to the earth. if you haven't read laura ownings blog - check it out here - laura is a great writer and worth reading.

* the tanners are making a christmas card - no we are not all (betsy, walt, bowden, and chloe) wear matching white shirts. Bowden will have a white coat. if you want one let us know.

that's it for now.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Made: episode two

Many people have been asking for Episode Two of Made. Here ya go! Jim Bob gets to meet his coach - golf pro Mr. Fritzgearld III (sp?).

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Made: episode one

We started a new series this week at Element called Made: becoming what God wants us to be. And of course we are playing off my favorite TV show on MTV - made. So here is our first episode where you meet Jim Bob Cooter and his dream to become a professional golfer. Each week you will see Jim Bob Cooter - or as his friends call him...Cooter....actually become a golfer.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Bowden Tanner

Bowden chilling on the front porch.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Three Years Ago!

Three years ago LAST NIGHT (Halloween) Betsy and I had coffee for the first time in three years of not seeing each other (Round 1). We caught up and talked about where we were and about life. Then Betsy asked me to go to a wedding - but I couldn't due to the fact I already had something that weekend. Even though she was heart broken - I quickly came back with I have a wedding I needed a "date" for. She said "Yes." One year later we were engaged and six months married! WOW how things have changed in Three Years!