Thursday, March 30, 2006

Facedown Video

Brian Bradford - our web dude- has set up a special page for Facedown. On the truenorth home page the headings are "Current Series / Past Series / Facedown." Click on the Facedown tab to see a slideshow and the video with Steve and I talking about worship.

Monday, March 27, 2006

March 15th - Facedown at the Imperial

What is face down? Facedown is what we at TrueNorth call our "Communion Service." We specifically plan a service every three months for our believers in the TNC family. Sunday Morning is mainly an out reach tool, and this a time we take to focus on our Salvation and the Cross. Facedown is mainly filled with music and reflection.

At the IMPERIAL: This was the fourth Facedown Service (our third). The last Facedown maxed out our facility at the High School. So we had to go "across the river" to Augusta for this special event. The Imperial is an old theater that is has much character. It reminds me of the Roxy in Atlanta (down the road from the Fox Theater).

This facedown we attempted to do a little NOOMA like teaching series through out the service. To view click here. (well not up yet - will let you know when they are on the website). We also added sign language and dance. It was a great great night. One of the highlights was Kevin and the band doing "In the Air Tonight." Although this idea is not original - taken from Mercy Me - it was awesome! We had the lights, haze machine and everything. Can't convince Kevin to upload to web because of Copyright Issues.

To see a few pics head to Kevin Bradford's Blog. Look forward to the next Facedown

First 180 Weekend

This past weekend Element Student Ministry pulled off its first 180 Weekend (AKA: D-Now). We had a great turn out of 60 students taking part in this awesome weekend.

Our theme was "Never the Same". We discussed that once we have a true encounter with Christ our lives are Never the same. The students were challenged to make sure their lives were different and weren't the same as those who aren't followers of Christ. The three people we looked at in our bible study who had encounters with Jesus was - James and John (disciples number 3 &4), the woman caught in adultery, and Lazarus. These individuals lives were never the same after their contact with the Messiah.

Will Snipes was a guest speaker and did an amazing job with the students - AS USUAL! Daniel Harper and Jemery came down from NewSpring to lead in worship and they too rocked the students.

180 has what kept me from updating this here blog. After a relaxing Sunday afternoon and Monday Morning, we will update on a few other things going on with Betsy and I!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


I laughed out loud when I watched this. Click here.
Will Ferrell comes to NASCAR

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It was a crazy day but...

I had no idea that both "the" Oprah and George W Bush were at our wedding! I (Walt) cleaning the house this weekend- yes I do clean, and I found our guest regristry from the wedding this past August. It was fun to look at all the names. On the last page what do I find - the signature of the Oprah and George W. Bush they would of stuck around to say 'Hello'. I almost over looked Master P coming with George W. That is CHIM!

Monday, March 06, 2006

TNC on the Map

Our worship leader, Kevin Bradford, at TrueNorth has a great post about this past Sunday. Click here to visit his site and read his account. I will just say that Steve told about how he got a call from Rick Warren and our attendence was a record with over 1150 peeps in the house.

So I pondered this question, Why? I agree with Steve in that God has given us the 5,000 talents and blessed us amazingly. But I also believe that going back to the basics has helped our growth at TrueNorth. TrueNorth was formed based on the church of Acts, the way God intended his bride to be--full of passion, love and action and not about traditions, politics or committees. So many churchs (all over the US) are scratching their head wondering why people stop coming and why they don't enjoy church.

My theory is that if more churches started replacing the religion that plagues our churches with Christ revival would ERUPT. This is not new. Christ told the religious leaders of his day the same thing. Hopefully more churches will realize this and not center theirself on religion! It has taken over 2000 years for a handful of churches to understand this. Let the revival begin.