Monday, March 27, 2006

First 180 Weekend

This past weekend Element Student Ministry pulled off its first 180 Weekend (AKA: D-Now). We had a great turn out of 60 students taking part in this awesome weekend.

Our theme was "Never the Same". We discussed that once we have a true encounter with Christ our lives are Never the same. The students were challenged to make sure their lives were different and weren't the same as those who aren't followers of Christ. The three people we looked at in our bible study who had encounters with Jesus was - James and John (disciples number 3 &4), the woman caught in adultery, and Lazarus. These individuals lives were never the same after their contact with the Messiah.

Will Snipes was a guest speaker and did an amazing job with the students - AS USUAL! Daniel Harper and Jemery came down from NewSpring to lead in worship and they too rocked the students.

180 has what kept me from updating this here blog. After a relaxing Sunday afternoon and Monday Morning, we will update on a few other things going on with Betsy and I!

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