Thursday, April 27, 2006


Betsy has now replaced the Ghetto Corrola that was totalled a couple weeks ago. Her new car is a 2002 Mazada 626. YES it is an upgrade from the Corrolla whose blinker had to be manually blinked. Allstate was VERY Generous in their amount they gave for the Corrolla. And we put some extra into the car for the upgrade, since Betsy will be making $100,000 in a few months....wait....sorry I forgot that unlike most lawyers my wife has a heart and will be making chump change helping people! A lawyer and architect should be doing alright - unless the architect becomes a student minister and the lawyer works for the state. And I can honestly say life couldn't BE BETTER.


Anonymous said...

We all love you guys. Our lives are better just having you at TNC.

paulo said...

congrats on the new car & betsy's last day of law school! it's an amazing feeling to finish that one big step of school. see you soon.