Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Last day of school!

I am sitting in my last class in law school and likely my last class in school forever!!! It is hard to believe that formal education is almost over and I will begin my career. It is almost surreal. It makes me realize that I will not see many of these people that I have sat in class with for 3 years. Did I spend my time wisely? Did I build lasting relationships? Did I share Jesus Christ with those around me? Did my time here glorify my Savior? I know I made many mistakes, but I pray that the last 3 years in Athens will have made a difference for God's Kingdom. How will I use my law degree to bring the most glory to God? It is exciting to embark on a new phase in life's journey. Scary to some degree, but exciting. I know that God has me being an attorney for many reasons, and I look forward to finding at least some of those reasons out. Hopefully, I will get to keep up with some relationships that I have built in law school. My friends are spreading out, but I pray we keep in touch. I am a bit sentimental, but also extremely happy to be done with school!


Ian Wilson said...

congrats betsy! its funny, i'm in seminary and i ask myself the same questions.... something is backwards about that.... well, anyway, i'm glad that someone is done with school, b/c i'm never going to finish. by the way, shouldn't you be paying attention in class and not writing y'alls blog :-) have a stupendariffic graduation. oh yeah, and tell your husband he is a dork!

Emily said...

Congrats on the last day! I'm getting close too. One more test, two little papers (3-5 pagers) and then graduation! My parents are coming out so it should be fun (yes, i'm actually going to walk). Now its just time for all my students to calm down, pack up and go home. :)

Oh, I'll be in Georgia in June. Let me know what June 6-21 looks like for you, maybe we can meet and catch up?


Anonymous said...

remember the question is not "how did I get here?" but " where do I go from here. many friends are moving on and there are plenty more to build on.