Thursday, April 06, 2006

First Masters

Today was the first round of the 2006 Masters in Augusta, and my first steps on the sacred Augusta National. Everyone has told me that you must experience the Masters at least once. They were right. The golf course was CRAZY beautiful. The grass, tree, plants, water and the azaleas were perfect. It was a whole nother world. The sight and sounds of the Master were quite memorable.

It was also cool to see Tiger, Phil, VJ and the rest of the pros in action. They hit the ball so perfect and straight. I looked at my mom (who I took with me) and said these guys should really look at getting paid for this!

Attended the Masters - I can now mark that off the list of things to do in life.


Anonymous said...

Hi Walt (and Betsy)!!

I happened to be reading AJ's blog and saw your name on the side of her page, and this is so fun! I haven't talked to you in ages, but I hope all is super with you both and you are loving married life! Chris and I also got married last summer and we are living in Charleston. Chris is in graduate school for accounting at CofC and I am working in the ICU as a nurse downtown at Roper. Good luck with everything and send me a note sometime and let me know how you have been!

Tifany Sizemore O'Neal

P.S.- the wedding looked beautiful! :)

Ian Wilson said...

next thing to cross off your list: a trip to boston!