Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Not such a good day

This is actually Betsy writing a post. Well, today did not start out so well. I drive about 1 hour and fifteen minutes to school 4 days a week (5 days a week last semester). The drive, by the grace of God, has been incident free the entire time until this morning. About 100 yards away from my house I did something stupid. Without rolling my windows down to get the morning dew off I decided the coast was clear and hit the gas. Unfortunately, the coast was not actually clear. I ran smack dab into the trailer a man was hauling behind his truck. I think that I saw the truck and its lights go by, but I do not think the trailer had any lights on it. I was going all of 5 m.p.h., but the truck was likely going about 60 m.p.h. Although no one was injured and I do not think his truck suffered any damage (only his trailer), my little Corolla did not fair so well. I called it my ghetto car, but at least it worked. It had to be towed and we have not found out if it is totaled or can be fixed. I was SOOOOO MAD at myself. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband who did not get mad at me. He came right up the road (didn't take him long since I was so close to home) and just gave me his support. I thank God for a man like Walt!!! Maybe next time I post it will be a happier story. God will teach us something out of this, I am sure of that!

On a brighter note--only 7 days of law school classes left!!!! Then papers, exams, studying for the bar, and taking the Bar Exam and I will be done.


Ian Wilson said...

keep on keepin' on betsy. almost there!

Jan, Jerry, Amber and Graydon said...

LeNelle told us about your accident yesterday at Mother's for Easter. We missed you both by the way. You realized 2 years ago on Easter is the first time we met. How lucky we are that Walt found a wonderful women to bring into our family. I am glad that you didn't get hurt in the accident. The
CORD LA can be replaced, you can't.
Love you and Walt,
Jan (your Aunt)

paulo said...

how's the car? and your last few days of class?