Thursday, June 01, 2006

New NBA and Barry Bonds 715*

This years playoffs are the most NBA basketball I have watched since the Jordan Era. I will have to say that I do believe the NBA is on the move back up after spending the late 90s and early 00s at its ultimate lows. The "Thug" years are offically over and the Nash-a-nator winning two MVP shows the times they are a changing. With Allen Iverson and "Star"berry on their final years, the new blood of the NBA has a ton of potential.

It is King James league and the rest are just playing in it! LeBron is sticking amazing and actual has a good head on his shoulders for a 20 year old with millions in the bank. D-Wade is another awesome young gun who is shining in the playoffs - 69% from the field are you kidding me. And young Dwight Howard in Orland (#1 2004) is an awesome Christian.

Here is to the new blood of the NBA - keep it up young ones, keep it up!

Barry Bonds
My boy Ian Wilson is a much better writer than I so I will just send you to his link on his thoughts on Barry Bonds and his 715th homerun. I support what Ian says: "Barry Bonds is a cheater!" Click here to read Ian's Blog.

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Ian Wilson said...

i agree, the new look NBA is sweet. too bad i haven't been able to watch any of the games. cable tv has taken over and sally and i are too cheap to dish out the cash. oh well, hopefully the finals will be on the local tube...