Saturday, May 20, 2006

Graduation and Beach

Well, I finally graduated from Law School this morning (Saturday, May 20). The ceremony was a bit long and the gowns were hot, but the point is that I am completely finished with school. It is hard to believe that I know have a law degree. I pray I will use it wisely. To celebrate, we (Walt, me, my mom and dad, and my nephews--Blaine and Cade) are headed to Fripp Island for a week at the beach!!! Woo Hoo!!! See ya in a week when we will come back nice and tan (or red).


Megan Larkins said...

Yay Betsy! Congrats on graduating! Have fun at the beach and good luck with your clerkship!

paulo said...

hey, we missed y'all last night. hope you're having fun at the beach. see ya next week.

MaryAnn said...

Congratulations Besty! I am graduating in July from the eternal (or so it feels) graduate program, so I know how you must feel. What an accomplishment! Good for you! Enjoy your new found leisure time!
-TNC member

First Baptist TR Music said...

Congratulations Betsy! You too Walt. I know you are happy to have school completed.

I do keep up with you by looking at the Blog every now and then.

Just wanted to wish you well.

God's Speed to you both.