Monday, February 13, 2006

Married Pro

At truenorth we are in a series called: The Real World. The Real World is all about relationships (friendships, dating, marriage, family, etc) . This past week Steve headed out of town with his wife and left the church in my hands (yes very scary!). Click here ( to watch the video from this week's sermon "Real Vibes." It is about being single and finding that one true mate.

As the title suggest - I am old married pro now. Betsy and I just celebrated our 6 month anniversary. It is all down hill from here...that is what I have heard!

Also while on the TNC website check out the announcement video from this past week. I got to meet Toby Mac and he gives me a hand with the annoucements!


norieann said...

you, a professional??? maybe a professional dork! just joking there, walter. on a serious note, congrats to you and betsy even though you don't need a congrats. you vowed to be together right, so why is anyone gonna' be surprised that y'all still are together and doing well???? well am surely not surprised; more like jealous. tomorrow is valentine's and i'm missing charles more than ever. moving on, thanks for you advice to me. you are right. i shouldn't have to make room on my list for God. God should be what i make my list around. and i need to remember that every day. even on the days that i have a TON of things to do. like today for instance: 3 exams, softball practice, and an awards ceremony to attend...i might not have had time to sit down and read my Bible, but what i did, i did to glorify God. thanks walter, i guess you are a pro in one thing...helping norie solve her problems...and you always will be.
thanks buddy,
eph. 2:8-9

Sabrina said...

Since I haven't seen you since before your wedding, CONGRATS! And since I'm not an old pro, maybe I'll have to keep up with your blog to get your sage advise :) I had no idea you had a blog, but from clicking on my interest of Clemson sports, I found yours and Betsey's! How fun. I hope y'all are doing well and living it up in GA! Lindsay keeps me up to date from time to time so it's good to see some first hand stories on here.
God bless!