Saturday, February 11, 2006

2006 Olympics


Betsy and I are spending this Saturday Night watching the 2006 Olympics. Can't say that I am huge Olympics fan, but Betsy is. So here we are watching away!

So life has been somewhat back to normal around TrueNorth. Tomorrow I am preaching on relationships - that is exciting. We are planning on three services in a couple weeks. We have been cracking 1000 the past three weeks. That is crazy because TNC just had its 18 month birthday - churches aren't SUPPOSED to grow that stickin' fast. What can you say - God is good!

Thursday Night I (Walt) got to meet and film with Toby Mac. You can check out the announcement on the TrueNorth church homepage. Toby a cool cat! He didn't say anything about a new DC Talk album coming.


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