Friday, February 09, 2007

Random Thoughts

* I got out of Jury Duty because they settled all the cases. And I was getting pumped about putting someone in Jail.
* We went skiing a couple weeks ago with the High School kids. I chose to ski for the first time in a couple years, instead of snowboarding. Watching some of these other people snowboards made me realize I am NOT that bad of a snowboarder.
* Getting a Loan has more hoops than a hoola hoop factory!
* The Jack Bauer power hour is putting me to sleep. For heaven sakes Jack save the cheerleader, save the world - WAIT wrong show.
* If you aren't watching Studio 60 (NBC Monday - 10pm) you are missing the most creative, best writing on TV. "I have the animal kingdom axis of evil under my stage - a viper, a ferret, and a coyote."
* Oh dear heavens, I messed up my neck this week working out. Don't over estimate the importance of your spine. It's valuable.
* Finally made it to August in my reading through the bible.
* We just finished our flag football season. My team went 1-3-1 for the year. It was a blast. I am sure the Ben Gay stock shot up around the Augusta area.

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