Monday, February 19, 2007

And Walt was right...

A month ago I posted about USC's highly recruited class. I mentioned that USC always seems to get great athelets, but they just "don't act right." I also said they will do alright if they can keep them out of jail. Well looks like Spurrier didn't listen and let his highly recruit quarterback get arrested Saturday Night down at Five Points. The ol' ball coach knows how to pick em'!

Word on the street was that 19 year old Steven Garcia got wasted, then got into a fight behind a bar, and then bowed up at police officer. Steven was one of the most sought out QBs in the nation. Apparently not the sharpest tool in the tool shed! Maybe we will get a showdown this year between the freshmen Garia(USC)and Korn (CU).

PS: If he ends up killing us over the next four years. I am sure I will hear about it from the USC dogs! I will just claim he needs to be in JAIL!


Gene said...

It's called Freshman Orientation. It makes them tough. It was all part of Spurrier's plan. If you're lucky, your Korn Kid will be half as tough as Garcia.

Walt and Betsy said...

Korn is as tough as Jack Baur during season five and has the heart of Jesus! And the arm of Joe Montana...sorry that last one was a stretch.