Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chicks Gone WILD!!

This is Betsy again. I am in a blogging mode tonight (probably proscrastinating from studying). This weekend was our chicks' retreat, "Chicks Gone Wild." I would love to write all about it, but I have been told that "what happens at a chicks retreat stays at the chicks retreat." I will say that our speaker, Lisa Harper, was excellent. I was reminded that God takes great pleasure in seeing his children do what they are passionate about. It does not matter how much recognition or success we get on this earth, God smiles when his chicks (and the guys too) live for him. Jill and Andy Phillips led worship through music, which was beautiful. We laughed, cried, created, and thoroughly enjoyed real community! There are some really wild chicks at TrueNorth Church, and I love it!!!

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Laura said...

Betsy! All I have to say is...

"Girls just wanna have Fu-un!"

That is why my term for Karaoke is