Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Back in the Saddle

Many of asked why we have checked out of the bloggin' world. We have been running around and just not keeping things up to date. Our Summer is over for Element SM, but the school year has begun.

Betsy is stoked (a word that Betsy has NEVER used) about her new job. This year she is a law clerk for two Judges in Augusta (Judge Dickert & no idea). I will let her give you the 411. She has already helped in decisions in the court room - Cool.

TrueNorth is turning two! This past week we cracked 1,000 for the first time since the summer began. Which means vacations are over and people are getting back into the grove. It was awesome to look out during the second service and not see one seat avaiable! We were SLAMMED. I have an idea - we should move to the gym. Oh wait we are in three weeks! This is going take TNC to a whole new level - and that is very exciting. Personally I believe that TNC is one of the fastest growing churches in the South. HOW SWEET!

God is truly moving and blessing at TNC. Life change is happening, families are being saved, people are "cross eyed", individuals are dying to their selves and living for Christ, and Christ is receiving all the glory! Does it get any better than that....yes. It's called heaven - but until then TNC will do!

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Ian Wilson said...

as i read your post, i kept thinking TLC instead of TNC. but i guess you weren't talking about chasing waterfalls.... hey, i'm glad to hear that betsy is "stoked" about her job. i'm stoked about the end of summer classes. keep it real dawg. you're in my prayers. peace,