Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Why do we yawn? And why are they contagious?

Bill Nye the Science Guy (one of my old favorites on Saturday Morning) attempts to answer the question of we yawn? Bill is with me on not buying this whole "because you need more oxygen" idea. That doesn't explain why I yawn when Bill Bob yawns - just because he needs oxygen doesn't mean I need more! So why?

Click here if you even care about this read Bill Nye the Science Guy's article.


Gene said...

Walt, Change your location in your profile. You don't live in Thomson anymore.


Ian Wilson said...

walt, when you yawn, your body provides a quick boost in adrenaline. that's why you do it when your tired (and if your me, that's all the time...). word up.

Brent Douglas said...

Gene's picture on his blog is still hosted on Stevens Creek's website. Place your bets on how long before they boot him off!