Monday, August 28, 2006

Random Monday Morning Thoughts

These are not connecting thoughts, just things floating in my head:
  • Great weekend of catching up with family and friends. Betsy and I headed to Gvegas for a few hours (36) Friday and Saturday. We got to see both our RENTS and hang with some friends. Good Times.
  • Awesome Sunday at TrueNorth. It is super sweet when you have to bring in MORE chairs for people in church. It isn't like TNC is in a small room or anything. Our auditorium seats 450! The second service was the largest I have seen in there (except Christmas Eve).
  • Steve hit a home run with this week's message of "Living Out." My favorite part was his -rant- on getting Messy for Jesus. How true. We are not a cookie cutter ministry where everything comes out PERFECT and looking the exact same. People of issues. Heck we have issues! So sometimes we (Christ Followers) have to get down and dirty with lives and sin. Scary - Yes! Reward - Heck Yes!....Great book "Messy Spiritually" by Mike Yacanelli (sp?)
  • Clemson Football in one week - YEE HAW!
  • Post that are upcoming - picture and story of how Betsy and I have adopted Patience in Kenya - through Compassion. She is not coming home with us to NA! Just financial help.
  • Post coming up - On perspective. Lately a lot of people have been talking "your perspective". A new look on the word perspective.

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