Monday, October 23, 2006

Random Thoughts

  • The purple Clemson jerseys looked sweet. Yes I know that everyone doesn't love them, but hey we played awesome and brought back an old Clemson tradition. If we would of lost, I can't say I would like them as well.
  • The Tigers will win the World Series against the Cardinals in six games - Steve (pastor) will remind me if I am wrong.
  • Lock Outs are like Crack for students. They are Jonesin for another before the last one is done!
  • Question from a Catalyst Podcast: "If your church was taken out of your community, who would miss it other than your people. Would the community plea for the church to say? Is your church making such an impact on your local community it would be truly missed? " Rob Bell - something to ponder on.
  • Apparently babies don't have gills in the womb. They do have "gill slits" but they are not used as gills. Who knew?
  • Betsy finds out if she passes the Bar this Friday at 4:30pm. This will either be a REALLY good day, or REALLY bad day. Pretty sure it will be a Good Day.

1 comment:

Ian said...

purple pants--cool. purple jerseys--not so cool, but i'll take the win.