Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patience Umazi

This is Patience Umazi. She is 7 years old and lives in Kenya. She is our Compassion child. While at Big Stuf I called Betsy and told her that God had really put Compassion on my heart and thought we should adopt a child. She said yes. Now the mission began. As I went to look at the over 50 children they had who were is need, I could not bring myself to chose JUST ONE! So I turn around, threw a pen over my should and said a prayer that the God would give us the child he had picked out. And Patience was the child I took home that day.

If you don't know, Compassion is Christian ministry that finds children in need all over the world and set them up to be adopted by someone who would pay for their schooling, clothes, food, etc. It is a great ministry that I had heard about many times over the past ten years. I continue to say later, later, later....well later is now.

We are so excited to helping Patience out. Betsy and I have already written her a letter, and she wrote us back with a picture drawn for us. Her birthday is in a couple of days, and we have a special letter and gift for her. I am thankful that God has blessed Betsy and I so that we can help those in need. One person at a time.

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Ian Wilson said...

that's cool. my parents adopted a child a few years back. maybe sally and i will do the same one day. peace my brotha.