Wednesday, October 18, 2006

More on Facing the Giants

"Facing the Giants" was on the Today Show this morning. Very cool story. I learned a few things:

  • Alex Kendrick - Director and Head Football Coach is the associate pastor at Sherwood Baptist
  • The movie was made on $100,000 - taken up in donations! Remember it has made $4 million to date.
  • They created another movie "Flywheel" a couple years ago. Didn't do so hot.
  • Not on Today Show: found out that the assistant coach I liked JT Hawkins who is played by Chris Willis - works for Frito Lays in Albany and has seven kids and teaches Sunday school at Sherwood. He needs to get into movies!

This week at TrueNorth we are starting a new series called "Facing the Giants." (yes based on the movie) We are pumped about this series. There are so many people who face giants in their lives and feel like there is no way to defeat them. But God says different. And we are getting to do a lot of football stuff. Not giving anything away - but look for the GameDay crew set up for Sunday Morning!

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