Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Facing the Giants

Betsy and I went to see "Facing the Giants" with our journey team this past Sunday. If you haven't heard "Facing the Giants" is a movie written and directed by two brothers at Sherwood Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia (I think).
The story of how it got to the big screen is great. Long story short - the brothers sent the movie to Third Day to see if they could get permission to use a song. Third Day thought it was so good, they sent it to Sony Pictures - and they picked it up. Right now it has made over $4 million in 3 weeks. Compared to "The Grudge 2" who made $20 million in its first week. BUT Giants is only showing in 400 theaters and has made over $11,000 per theater, and the Grudge only made $6,000 per theater. Way to go....when you combine God and Football in the south, you are going to win!
Overall a good movie - good story - predicable ending - some very bad acting. My understanding is that everyone was a part of their church or town, no high paid actors. VERY emotional! It moves you. The death crawl scene is one of the most powerful scenes I have seen in a long time. Sad to say, but will be label "Christian movie" - meaning it wasn't up to par to the rest of the hollywood. BUT the black assistant coach HILARIOUS! Someone should hire him! "I'm assistant coach. I at least should of gotten a moped!"
Rumor has it that Arkansas went to see this movie the night before the Auburn game - and beat the Auburn giants the next day. TrueNorth has decided to pay for the entire North Augusta High, North Augusta Middle, and Paul Knox Middle football teams to go see the movie! Hey if one kid gets it and sees that Christ is Lord-its a win!
Learn more and see the trailer at: http://www.facingthegiants.com/
Ian - I doubt that Boston theaters will be showing this one!

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Unclaimed treasure said...

The same church produced another movie about 4-5 years ago called "flywheel." I think they did it on around $25000 or some other ridiculously low budget. Also not the greatest acting/effects etc but a great family film. I saw it in So. GA theater but I've seen it on the rack at Blockbuster. Another good one to check out. :)

Emily H