Monday, March 26, 2007

TNC Update

This past weekend at TrueNorth Church was awesome. We had our Dunk'd service Sunday morning (FYI: this is our baptism service). Instead of just sticking it in the beginging of the service so the pastor has time to change out of his wadders and get behind the pulpit by the second stanza of "Just as I am" - we made this very special event into that an unforgetable EVENT! We said EVERYONE into one service (huge change in set up of the gym). We did amazing videos spread out through the service with people's story on how God had changed their lives. And in the end over 30 people got Dunk'd in one day - yeah God!

That night we had one of the best concert bands around in the NAHS gym - Starfield. I had seen these guys before twice and loved both concerts! They do a great job of crowd interaction, taking you high, bringing you into reflective worship, and then ending on a huge engery bubble that bust when they walk off the stage. I told our TNC family they would ROCK the house....and I don't think anyone can call me a liar.

I also realized I never gave the now 4 people who read this blog an outcome of our 180 weekend (D-Now). We ended up with over 80 students taking part in the weekend. The deal for them was if they got 100 students there I would shave my head - well they got 80. So I went with a mohawk! Shout out to Dustin Willis for the great job on the hair and the weekend. I kept it for 1 week and got rid of it - to the students dismay.
The really God thing was that we had 13 students either accept Christ or pray to MAJOR changes in their lives. 5 of them were dunk'd this past Sunday. That is why we do what we do at Element Student Ministry - to keep making heaven bigger.

"Not to us oh Lord, not to us - but to your name be the glory
because of your love and faithfulness."

Psalm 115:1

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Anonymous said...

So, are there any pictures of the mohawk?

Betsy, I miss you!