Saturday, March 17, 2007

March Maddness

* The first round of games lacked a Cinderilla and excitement. Other than Duke losing - which wasn't that big of a surprise - nothing GREAT happened.
OH I forgot the Wisconin game...that was pretty intense.

* Betsy missed 6 games in the first round. Walt missed 6 games.

* The round of 32 got much more exciting.
- Ohio State almost loses...great OT (picked Ohio State)
- Vanderbilt takes it to Washington State in 2OTs (picked WSU)
- Pittsburg goes into OT with VCU (picked Pitt)
- And the night is still young

* Currently I am in 5 place in the TNC office pool.
- Gene (UNC)
- Jess (Ohio State)
- Kevin (Ohio State)
- Steve (Kansas)
BUT my picks look good going into the Sweet Sixteen!

* My Final Four look like: Flordia/Kansas and Georgetown/Ohio State. With Kansas beating Ohio State in the final.

* Betsy's Final Four: Flordia/Virgina Tech and UNC/Virgina. With UNC beating VA Tech. I am not sure her reasoning on those picks!

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