Monday, March 26, 2007

Basketball News

The Final Four is now set. My bracket didn't do as well I has I hoped. I was pulling for Wisconsin to up set Florida and Kansas to win the Championship. But I do still have two teams in the Final Four....Georgetown and Ohio State.

One observation - most of the big boys shouldn't still be in this thing. Several of them were down to double digit leads to the lesser team. But because they can go deeper and longer they come out with the W. In the end they pull it out.

Would of been nice for one Cinderella to show up to the dance, maybe next year.

And in case anyone had missed the OTHER Tournament - Clemson has made it to the Semifinals of the NIT. Haven't been there since 1999. New York City here come. We have the chance to keep the title in South Carolina. USC has won the last two years. Go TIGERS!

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