Monday, October 17, 2005

What is a "blog"?

Quote of the day:
Ian Wilson wrote, "what's the deal with 'blogs' anyways. are we really to lazy to pronounce the 'w' and the 'e'?"
My wife who is SUPER SMART says, "We Blog. That doesn't make sense."
If you don't know - as my wife apparently doesn't. "Blog" is short for "Web Log."


Casey said...

OK Ian, I'll side with your argument and take you a few steps further. I think that our vernacular is headed towards that of the 'cave people' (the term 'cave men' is totally incorrect, for as we know, with only men, life would not have lasted very long)

There are several new catch phrases that 'the young people' are using. EMO - short for emotional - is my favorite. It's almost just a double grunt. So you see, the way things are headed, we will all soon be communicating solely in grunts and motions. Don't believe me? Look it up. (cf. the "Colbert Report" from 10.17 for where to look it up)

Walt and Betsy said...

For people lie myslf who cannt spell evry well. The shrter teh btter! My favorite is RENTS - short ofr PARENTS.

Casey you ahve ben in schol too long. Putting your reference "Colbert Report!" Take some time off and fly to NYC or somthing!