Friday, October 21, 2005

Element Student Ministry

Some folks have been asking about our student ministry here in North Augusta. Our new student ministry name at TrueNorth is: Element Student Ministry. The students have quickly accepted this new ministry name very fast. We have two logoes. One for high school and the "e" is the middle school logo.

We have two two services on Wednesday Nights. Our middle school service is at 6.15pm and we are currently running around 55 students. The high school service is at 7.15 pm and it is currently averaging around 65 students. This is unusual for most student ministries. Usually the MS service is more highly attended. Kids who can figure em' out.

Our four purposes are: ENGAGE a lost a culture - ENCOUNTER a real atmosphere - EVOLVE in our relationship with Christ - EXALT God with our lives. We have just finished the "Welcome to the Planet" Series by Doug Fields and Saddleback. So we have introduced our students to these ideas. Well that's it. Stay tuned for more updates with Element Student Ministry.

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