Sunday, October 16, 2005

Life with a Wife

I apologize for my wife's last post! I did not make/force/order to write a post. I encouraged her to write a post to give everyone the 411 with what is going on with her school, and search for a new job.

I am in agreement with Betsy that married life is great and they we are still in the "honeymoon" stage. She watches football with us (Bowden and I) on Saturdays. I have a feeling that in 20 years she still won't watch Game Day with me. Of course she hasn't replaced the Phad (Casey, Stevie, and Ian) in watching Saturday Morning Game Day while cooking bacon in our boxers!

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Norie Ann said...

walter and betsy,
i know you guys cannot be that far away from me. therefore, i conclude that i should make an effort sometime before the end of this year to come and hang out with y'all. i miss you guys. i am so jealous of your stupid married-life-blog. rub it in my face why don't you??? i don't really have time to be leaving a comment either, much like betsy, i have a life. miss you guys, and i'm glad to hear that married life is everything you both hoped for and then some.

Ian Wilson said...

walt and betsy,
you guys are so groovy. i'm with you walt. i have no life, so its easy for me to sit around and "blog." right now i'm watching bob marley on VH1 Classic and eating cookies. it smells too bad to sit outside...a restaurant around the corner is cleaning out the fridge. maybe when i get out of new orleans life will pick up...probably so. hey, check out my new blog -- peace homeys....

Maggie said...

Hey Walt and Betsy! Its good to hear things are going good for you guys! Rushton is finally home and boy am I gald! :) Sometimes I just look at him and I can't belive he is actually home. I thought that year would never come to an end! Anywho I just wanted to say hey. We miss yall.
Love Maggie