Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years Later.

Today marks the five year remembrance of Sept. 11. This morning Betsy and I watch the Today show's pieces on Sept. 11.
All those feelings and emotions of that day five years ago came charging back when watching the shocking videos, the interviews of those who lost loved ones, and remembering where I was during this time.

The moment will forever be burned into my memory. We were getting ready for a presentation in Lee Hall (Clemson Architecture School) and listening to the radio. Honestly when the report came in on the radio I thought it just an accident. Then I SAW the second plane hit - and knew that our world would be forever changed.

I pray that we never forget! Knowing that we live in a fallen world, evil overflows into our lives. A lot of people knew I was a Christian in my Architecture Studio at Clemson and they came asking what all this meant, did God let this happen, is the world coming to an end, how do they find God. It was truly a time of seeking for everyone. I was honest in that I didn't have all the answers, but I did know the Light during this dark time. My prayer is that we continue to hold that light high in the air. A light that brings hope, salvation, healing, goodness, and love.

Today five years later - a lot has changed! The people who surround me now in work and worship, I didn't even know exsisted. Our country has made changes to adjust to this new era (post 9/11). Americans eyes now light up in fear at the word of terriorism. But one thing that is constant is that our God is still God! May we never forget.

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Emily Hall said...

Hey Betsy. On Sept 11 this year I listened to Focus on the Family's broadcast. They broadcast part of what was done in the chapelteria that day. It was really neat to be able to hear exactly what we heard on that day. It should still be available to listen online if you want. Lots has changed since then. It's hard to believe its been 5 years since we were all together at Focus becoming such a close community on that day, so far away from our families.