Friday, July 06, 2007

Long Lost Tanners

WOW it has been over a month since we posted on the Tanner Blog. We had these grand ideas of posting and just never have. The Summer has been very busy. We have been out and about A LOT! And July is no slower with our HS trip called "Road Rules" - we will be living on RVs for a week. And then we take our MS group down to the beach for several days! Pedal to the Medal BABY.

I am thinking about moving to VOX with Kevin. It has a lot more features and may keep my interest up in maintaining it. If we move - you will be the first to know (all 4 of you who read this!)

On a side note: GO SEE "Live Free or Die Hard". It is great. I rank it up there with the original Die Hard. I told Betsy I was in 5th grade when John McClain battled 20 terrorist in a high rise in Chicago! And now I am 28 and he is still Kicking some - well butt! It will probably be our last movie in the big theatre for about six months. $9.25 for a movie ticket. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. A tad bit ridiculous.

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