Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Random Pics

Betsy and roomates from Furman. Chilling at the Hayes home in Blackville.

Me and Bets at Healing Springs in Blackville, SC. Crazy story of Indians who found two Revolutionary soldiers who were dying and brought them to the springs and they were healed. The water is so clean the residents of Blackville come here to get water instead of the city water. Blackville is a very interesting place!

Jenny and John Kelly with some goofy dude on "Fly Beach!"

Betsy and Jenny hanging out on the Kelly's new boat! Sweet Ride. Shout out to Jenny who says she reads our blog! That leaves only 3 other people who are readers of the Tanner blog - not really.

Here is our driveway lined with azaleas a couple weeks ago. Pretty ain't they!

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