Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Catching up with the Tanners

Its been a while since we have posted. So we thought we would get everyone updated on how things are going with us.

* Betsy is still waiting to hear back on the SC Bar.
* Walt forgot to tell you that his half marathon had to be put on hold. He realized that it was the weekend RIGHT before we head to Turkey and Israel. Too much going on to drive to Nashville and almost kill oneself.
* We are getting really really close to our trip with Ray Vander Laan. Click here to check out his website: www.followtherabbi.com. We are super excited about following the travels of Paul. We will be gone from May 5-May 20!
* It was a rough week with our new workout program: P90X. Not only are we waking up at 6:00am every morning and working out for 1 hour. We are also changing everything we EAT! We did before pics and everything. Maybe after first month we will post pics. Doubt it!
* We have figured out why poor people are overweight. It is WAY expensive to eat healthy. We are having to increase our food budge by a ton! A lot easier to pic up some KFC than roast asparagus and cook wild rice.
* Check out Laura Owings blog to see Walt be a guest on the Hot Seat.

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