Friday, December 01, 2006

Thoughts from Charlotte

Right now I am up in Charlotte at a youth conference (Youth Specialities). I have spent 24 hours up here in Char-Town. I have found that I am a big fan of Charlotte. The relationship between Charlotte and Atlanta, is a lot like NYC and Chicago. To me Atlanta is like New York...older. dirtier. faster. not as pleasant. Charlotte is more like Chicago... newer. cleaner. pleasant atmosphere.
All that said. Have enjoyed the down time of just walking around downtown Charlotte. Interesting architecture. Nice atmosphere. Very cool town. And if I had a dollar for every guy I saw today with a blue button down with khakis I could have paid for my conference.

Other thoughts:
*Kenda Creasy Dean (Princeton professor) has got some crazy stats.

*It is official I am old. I can't hear the mosquito frequency (if you don't know- a frequency has been found that only teenagers can hear...been created into a ring tone.)

*Student Pastor are an interesting bunch! There is SO MUCH diversity.

*I LOVE FREE STUFF - they have over 250 vendors. from tshirts to mission trips. from websites to seminaries. and they all are giving stuff away. tons of drawings for XBOX 360s and NANOs. We are suckers for free stuff.

*I have got to get back into the arts. I miss architecture, creative thinking, making things, challenging the process, expressions through mediums.

*Looking forward to more Starfield and Leeland - then hearing Elevenseventy tonight!

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Ian Wilson said...

If Atlanta is New York and Charlotte is Chicago, then Greenville is Boston--smaller and way cooler than either of the other two!!!