Saturday, December 30, 2006

Since our last blog...

* we have been to Gvegas and back two times celebrating the holidays with the family.
* we opened all our Christmas presents!
* we grieved the loss of James Brown.
* we grieved the loss of our 38th President-Gerald Ford.
* we grieved the loss of the Clemson Tigers in the Music "Crap" Bowl!
* we did not grieve the loss of Saddam Hussein.
* Betsy has been sworn in (not at) and is an official lawyer in Georgia.
* Walt has been cleaning people's junk up for the new "simplify" series at church.
* we finally printed ALL of our digital pictures and made some new albums.
* Betsy is now studying for the South Carolina bar.
* we have watched: Monster House, Little Miss Sunshine, Season 4 of 24, and The Lake House - thanks to Netflixs.
* we have taken down our Christmas Tree.
* Walt has started working out again.
* Betsy still works out and can kick Walt's butt.
* Betsy has learned how to put songs on an ipod!
* we have gone to Columbia Museum of Art to see a Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. For those who don't know, he was an architiect..and Betsy asked - yes he is dead!

And that's it. This will be the last blog till 2007. See ya next year in the funny papers.

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