Monday, January 30, 2006

Winter Retreat 2006

The Tanner's (Betsy/Walt) and the kids from Element Student Ministry just got back from our first big trip together. We took 50 students up to Sugar Mountain for a little ski action. The stats where against us. With all those students on the slopes I was sure to lose one to the hospital. Our only incident was a middle girl, Stephanie, busted her nose and got blood on the pretty white snow. So we beat the system this time.
I (Walt) believe this trip was my last snowboarding experience. I am hanging up the snowboard and reaching to the old faithful skis. I have determined that I don't board enough to stay good. It takes me half the day, and my entire thresh hold of pain to get back into the grove to only do it one year later. Skis are like riding a bike. You always know how to work those babies! Yes Norie I am sure that makes you sad!

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