Saturday, January 21, 2006

Hard two weeks.

This past two weeks have been very long and turbulent. In the past two weeks our church, TrueNorth Church, has seen two back to back tragedies. Two weeks ago we received news that two young boys (4 & 7) in our church were killed by their father - who also then took his own life. Their mother had recently separated from their father and has been an active part in the TrueNorth Family. So this tragic news not only hit our local community, but our church fellowship as well. After a very moving candle light vigil, funeral , and special Sunday service where we dealt with the questions we had for God - we thought we were ready to move forward.

Later that Sunday night we got a call that one of the guys in our student praise band had been killed in a car accident with another boy. This effected more of my students (high school). Again the same questions came up: How? Why? Does God care?

These past two weeks we have had an up front stage to tell others how we as Christians can get through these hard times. Our pastor, Steve Davis, was on the News several times sharing about our church and they even put my ugly mug on the screen to talk about our candle light service. After the double murder and suicide we had counselors on hand and God opened up his arms to bring over 1100 people to come hear gospel. AMAZING. Yes that is our largest crowd ever. We continue to look at how God can use these tragedies to bring people to his saving knowledge.

Please pray for the Young family, Kotz family and Katsings family. And TrueNorth Church as we are smack dab in the middle of a Storm of Life!

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Ian Wilson said...

hey dude,
we've been praying for you. fight the good fight.